IT Consulting

Synectics technology consulting services help business to advance in the modern digital transformation environment

Technology Consulting

We’ll look under the hood of your existing solution or system and advise you on how to put the assessment discoveries into practical steps that will improve your system. We’ll examine if architecture decisions truly support the quality requirements, conform to industry standards and best practices, and are in tune with tech trends. This way you will acquire a substantive working plan of where and how we can enhance product functionality, efficiency and operational costs.

Our technology consulting services help business to advance in the modern digital transformation environment. Evaluate your opportunities and apply the right technology with outcomes in mind. We can shape your company into a strategy-powered business delivering innovation and digital excellence.

Technology Consulting

Project Management Consulting

Completing projects on time and on budget while ensuring quality and compliance with design and statutory rules, using the help of specialized consulting and management professionals allow your company executives to focus on central issues and grow their business.
Our consulting and project management services enable you to ensure sustainable success by providing a clear result-oriented focus. We provide complete advisory aiming to optimize all project phases, placing emphasis on efficiency throughout.

Delivery Management Consulting

Defining the project delivery model prior to the selection of primary consultants is critical to the success of any project. We have been recognized for our work in the development of project delivery models, from small local projects to highly complicated multimillion-dollar national projects with multiple stakeholders. Each project has its own unique requirements and funding sources. We investigate alternative delivery models for each project and recommend a delivery system that correctly fits and guarantees a highly successful project.

Delivery Management Consulting

IT Process Optimization Consulting

We start with a current-state analysis of your organizational structures, information architecture, data structures, business processes, and technologies to identify your competitively differentiating requirements and a baseline for change. Then, we will benchmark your existing position against your peers and industry best practices to build a persuasive business case for change and ROI.

IT Process Management (ITPM) is a systematic approach to capture, design, execute, document, measure, monitor and control both automated and non-automated processes in order to sustainably achieve the goals aligned with the corporate strategy. Thus, a higher process quality, faster process times and a higher data consistency should be achieved.

Documentation Service

According to statistics, documenting problems decrease the productivity of an organization by 21.3%. An average employee spends 50% of his time just looking for the information stored physically or electronically.
We offer a complete technical document development and maintenance service that helps accomplish the content goals for your processes, products, and services.
Document Services provides a broad range of services related to document management, creation, maintenance, and conversion, and integrating with third parties such as Confluence, Microsoft SharePoint or SAP

Documentation Service

Estimate the Price

An estimated price is a forecast that is related to the price of project. The primary reason of price estimation is to give businesses some numbers which can be used to determine future costs.

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